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Web Development Process - A Unified Theory

There are many flavors describing the web development process; most revolving around a discover / design / develop phase system. Any version of a development process is essential to follow. But it's entirely possible to successfully go through a web development process and miss the boat on the finished product.

How can that be? Business leaders need realize just how deep a web site development project can be, or should be. Really, every web site built has a stack similar to the below diagram, just some of the elements have been devalued or not considered.

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Unified web development model

Stacking it up.

There are really only four main layers of a typical web site:

  • Technology - The hardware/software configuration which powers everything. Linux/Apache/MySQL/Php or .NET - it's a choice that effects cost, speed and reliability.
  • Business - How a web site promotes what your business offers it's clients for customers.
  • Framework - The layer we interact with. Choosing the right framework can open infinite possibilities and save development dollars.
  • Brand Messaging - The top layer of interaction, resulting in a transaction (product, information, service) between business and customer.

Takeaway thoughts:

  • Stopping the planning at Framework removes the value of the brand interaction.
    • example - Just "getting a web site up" without thought to brand identity and messaging removes the possibility of meaningful interaction
  • Exclusion of the business layer leaves the top-level brand with nothing to really promote.
    • example - Without being matched to the base business purpose, a well-designed web site and solid framework is all dressed up with no where to go.
  • Branding efforts are effected by the choice of framework.
    • example - "Can we add a user comments area?" Some frameworks allow a quick change. Others do not.

Open for thoughts and comments.


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