Design isn't about pretty pictures

Although the result hopefully contains a few. Introducing a new proverb that will stick with you after this page is gone: You'll always notice GOOD design, but you'll rarely notice GREAT design.

Darren Leet Inc. print adWhy? Great design directs the user past what they see. Whether it is an advertisement, trade show booth, CD cover, t-shirt, or automobile. Great design moves past the hard object and accomplishes the reason why the object was made in the first place.

That's why design itself should not be noticed. It is busy telling about the three (or four) distinct reasons why your product is better than a competitor's. Or perhaps it should draw a hurried viewer in and guide them to what they need to see. It might even make a user feel personally connected to a product or idea. Great design integrates purpose and presentation.

Design initiates movement.

All theory aside, when you buy design services, you should be buying results. There are many good designers. There are fewer designers who understand that if an ad or a brochure does not accomplish anything besides look good, it is just another pretty picture.

07.10.2010. 09:11

Shut your vuvuzela

Vuvuzela free zone

World cup soccer used to be just millions of rabid fans screaming. Now it's millions of rabid fans with those crazy Vuvuzela horns.

Personally I think they should hand out different tone Vuvuzelas and at least get a decent harmony going, but this life-hacker has changed the game by creating software that edits the sound out altogether from television broadcasts.

Cheers to all the developers in the world coming up with creative software solutions to life's every day problems

Jeers to all the vuvuzela-blowers in the stadium who believe that THEIR horn is not as annoying as everyone else's.

06.30.2010. 10:06

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