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Going Oldschool With Modern Tradeshow Displays

New retractable screen tradeshow booth back walls like the Aero feature multiple banner height options and a bunch of other configurations. This three panel booth design for Café Imports was done with several goals in mind:

  • Be inviting: the warm wood and crafted look of the screens offsets the modern tubing and creates a friendly, safe feel. With all the bustle of normal tradeshows, a calm and friendly zone has an attraction that's hard to resist.
  • Be simple: even though the Areo booth had multiple height settings and configurations it's a good chance that only one or two will be predominately used. Design for the obvious.
  • Be iconic: even though there is a lot of content on these three panels, the sum effect is of a unified piece of art. While people may not bend down to read the harvest schedule, it's presence adds texture and movement.


05.07.2012. 12:33

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