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Your Brand Sells - Online Marketing Answers for Realtors

The number of turnkey web site solutions for real estate agents are numerous; real estate is an industry of independent business owners (Realtors) who depend on the exposure the internet provides.

Choosing the right Realtor web marketing solution is a challenge and the factors are numerous:

  • Cost to set up and maintain
  • Speed to develop
  • Quality of design and content
  • Features

The approach DLINC takes to assisting Realtors in their marketing promotes each agent as an individual company and brand. Let's look at a web site we recently launched as an illustration:

 Custom branded Realtor web site

This site promotes the agent - Rebecca Powell - as a distinct brand. It's a great showcase for property listings as well, maximizing the exposure of each listing. Other features:

  • Branding is an extension of all literature and promotional material
  • Administration area allows easy access to add or edit property listings with choices of which properties to display on home page, sold/pending designations
  • Sold properties automatically filter into an additional portfolio page
  • Targeted neighborhood pages with valuable SEO content
  • Server independent - the site is totally self-contained (no monthly service fees to keep the site active)
  • Individual metrics for each property listing
  • Site metrics with Google Analytics
  • Super SEO friendly
  • Social networking links
  • Smart features such as random testimonials on the home page, pop up windows which keep the viewer on the site, and web 2.0 footer design
  • Other features, such as a blog, can be easily added in through our extremely flexible framework

Our approach to real estate web sites was built by real estate agents for real estate agents; the best in the business use their web site to generate interest and make sales daily. Contact us with questions or comments.

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