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New web site launch - Offset Options

Darren Leet Incorporated is proud to announce the launch of, the public face to a company with a great new spin on the idea of voluntary carbon offsets.

Who is Offset Options?

Offset Options screen shot

(From the web site) Offset Options was founded by a team of technology experts with a great idea on how to leverage their experience and knowledge of technology for good.

Other services of like type exist, but Offset Options promises partnering corporations the magic combination of low cost, seamless integration, better choice, and transparent records

Among the industries targeted:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Consumer Goods

What Darren Leet Incorporated Provided

We took the logo design and ran with it, developing a complete corporate brand identity. First of which was the web site, coded in PHP to allow for individual language translation files. The web site illustrates how Offset Options' approach to carbon offset services is the most trusted and innovative on the market.

In addition to the web site, DLINC ponied up designs for a trade show booth, corporate ID suite, intranet templates, email newsletter, presentations and more.

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