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Architectural Millwork Web Site Gets a Rebuild

Sawdust LLC custom web site design

Darren Leet Incorporated recently launched the online presence for Sawdust LLC, a Boston, Massachusetts Architectural Millwork company. The new web site establishes Sawdust as a design-conscious contender in the remodeling industry.

Custom design

There is nothing templated about Sawdust's services. DLINC's custom web site design upholds that artisan ethic. Showcasing great portfolio photos, the site was designed from the ground up to bring life the Sawdust brand.

Solid construction

Those who appreciate a solid structure will notice that Sawdust's site is built on the LAMP framework. In addition, DLINC's modular site build philosophy lends a high level of control.

  • Quick change - want a blog or special application added? Choose from the best open source options and they can be seamlessly integrated.
  • Fast load - hard-coded pages load only what is necessary for display.
  • SEO rich - quality content devoured by search engines. The use of JQuery allows information to be kept as live copy while not loosing the animation and interaction that users have come to expect.

Browse Sawdust LLC's new web site - - for yourself and then contact Darren Leet Incorporated to start your own site rebuild.

04.08.2011. 14:30

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