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New DLINC Digs AND Officing With Metal Things

Darren Leet Incorporated has just settled into a new office location in Greenville, South Carolina. Special thanks to Mike Craig at Venue 4 Design for providing a excellent office environment and all-around great service. The office space is top-notch and I look forward to cranking out some excellent work from downtown Greenville.

If you visit the new space, you will not miss the dominant piece of office sculpture. It is red and about nine feet tall, it makes loud noises from time to time, an it has a lot of knobs. It has been given the title of "Creative Director" and will be responsible for generating most of the creative direction for DLINC accounts.


01.03.2013. 12:00

Client Site Featured on Google Business

PT's Coffee (a Darren Leet Inc. client) has seen impressive growth of their web site sales over the past several years. Their company and web site was recently featured on a video put out by and Google Business:


08.31.2011. 14:53

Your Brand Sells - Online Marketing Answers for Realtors

The number of turnkey web site solutions for real estate agents are numerous; real estate is an industry of independent business owners (Realtors) who depend on the exposure the internet provides.

Choosing the right Realtor web marketing solution is a challenge and the factors are numerous:

  • Cost to set up and maintain
  • Speed to develop
  • Quality of design and content
  • Features

The approach DLINC takes to assisting Realtors in their marketing promotes each agent as an individual company and brand. Let's look at a web site we recently launched as an illustration:

 Custom branded Realtor web site

This site promotes the agent - Rebecca Powell - as a distinct brand. It's a great showcase for property listings as well, maximizing the exposure of each listing. Other features:

  • Branding is an extension of all literature and promotional material
  • Administration area allows easy access to add or edit property listings with choices of which properties to display on home page, sold/pending designations
  • Sold properties automatically filter into an additional portfolio page
  • Targeted neighborhood pages with valuable SEO content
  • Server independent - the site is totally self-contained (no monthly service fees to keep the site active)
  • Individual metrics for each property listing
  • Site metrics with Google Analytics
  • Super SEO friendly
  • Social networking links
  • Smart features such as random testimonials on the home page, pop up windows which keep the viewer on the site, and web 2.0 footer design
  • Other features, such as a blog, can be easily added in through our extremely flexible framework

Our approach to real estate web sites was built by real estate agents for real estate agents; the best in the business use their web site to generate interest and make sales daily. Contact us with questions or comments.

05.13.2011. 10:45

Architectural Millwork Web Site Gets a Rebuild

Sawdust LLC custom web site design

Darren Leet Incorporated recently launched the online presence for Sawdust LLC, a Boston, Massachusetts Architectural Millwork company. The new web site establishes Sawdust as a design-conscious contender in the remodeling industry.

Custom design

There is nothing templated about Sawdust's services. DLINC's custom web site design upholds that artisan ethic. Showcasing great portfolio photos, the site was designed from the ground up to bring life the Sawdust brand.

Solid construction

Those who appreciate a solid structure will notice that Sawdust's site is built on the LAMP framework. In addition, DLINC's modular site build philosophy lends a high level of control.

  • Quick change - want a blog or special application added? Choose from the best open source options and they can be seamlessly integrated.
  • Fast load - hard-coded pages load only what is necessary for display.
  • SEO rich - quality content devoured by search engines. The use of JQuery allows information to be kept as live copy while not loosing the animation and interaction that users have come to expect.

Browse Sawdust LLC's new web site - - for yourself and then contact Darren Leet Incorporated to start your own site rebuild.

04.08.2011. 14:30

Minneapolis Meets New Billboard

Cotty Lowry's billboards on the corner of Hennepin and Franklin have a long and venerable history of getting vandalized. So the idea of anything permanent hanging from the Burch Pharmacy is a little optimistic. But this new billboard design is prepared for the inevitable - with a panel for easily replacing property photos. It even comes pre-vandalized with snapshot images of previous graffiti on Cotty's portrait.

Cotty Lowry Minneapolis Billboard

02.02.2011. 17:38

New web site launch - Offset Options

Darren Leet Incorporated is proud to announce the launch of, the public face to a company with a great new spin on the idea of voluntary carbon offsets.

Who is Offset Options?

Offset Options screen shot

(From the web site) Offset Options was founded by a team of technology experts with a great idea on how to leverage their experience and knowledge of technology for good.

Other services of like type exist, but Offset Options promises partnering corporations the magic combination of low cost, seamless integration, better choice, and transparent records

Among the industries targeted:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Consumer Goods

What Darren Leet Incorporated Provided

We took the logo design and ran with it, developing a complete corporate brand identity. First of which was the web site, coded in PHP to allow for individual language translation files. The web site illustrates how Offset Options' approach to carbon offset services is the most trusted and innovative on the market.

In addition to the web site, DLINC ponied up designs for a trade show booth, corporate ID suite, intranet templates, email newsletter, presentations and more.

06.30.2010. 14:37

The force and the bean

T-shirts might be an afterthought for some companies, but Café Imports has a different idea. Each year they issue a limited-edition shirt to Barista Guild members and the garments end up as sought-after collector's items.

Specialty Coffee Wars shirtThis year it was Café Imports against the mighty Kuerig coffee machine - making the point that specialty coffee will be here to stay. We came up with the Star Wars analogy and BAM a shirt was created based on the classic original movie posters. Isn't it true - R2D2 does look like an espresso machine and the Keurig unit is a bit Darth Vader-ish.

Anyway, the shirts are all gone, doled out to the lucky few. Sorry.

06.30.2010. 14:27

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